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Leverage our extensive proficiency in Ruby development to seamlessly expand your engineering team for cutting-edge solution delivery

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Ruby Development Company Services

Ruby Development Services

Ruby is a versatile programming language, and there are various services, frameworks, and tools associated with Ruby development

Ruby on Rails (RoR)

A robust and popular web application framework written in Ruby, known for its convention over configuration (CoC) and don't repeat yourself (DRY) principles


A lightweight web application framework for Ruby, suitable for developing small to medium-sized applications with minimal effort and a simple, flexible syntax

Ruby Case Studies


Clients reviews

Hans Kayaert
Hans Kayaert
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There’s genuine confidence that they have my back.
Suror Sabeti
Suror Sabeti
Founder, Talent-Tier
Read More
The quality is very good in comparison to our previous vendor.
Syed S. Hussain
Syed S. Hussain
Chairman of the Board, Myscore AS
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They're service-minded people who spend time understanding the customer and the product.
Jaroslav Kashtan
Jaroslav Kashtan
CEO, Dance Planet
Read More
The Snotor (formerly MassMedia) team has a great attitude. When you work with them, you feel you’re the center of their attention.
Jon Chetail
Jon Chetail
CEO, Gymob
Read More
Snotor's exceptional development work impressed the client and broadened the scope of the engagement.

Ruby Cooperation Proccess

Discovery Call

A Discovery Call is an initial conversation between a potential client and a service provider, typically used to understand the client's needs, explore possible solutions, and determine if there's a mutual fit for collaboration

Team Assembly and Project Roadmap

Team Assembly and Project Roadmap in IT involve the strategic formation of a capable team and the development of a detailed plan outlining project objectives, timelines, resources, and milestones to ensure successful project execution.

Project Execution and Performance Tracking

Project Execution and Performance Tracking in IT involve implementing project tasks according to plan while continuously monitoring progress, evaluating performance metrics, and making necessary adjustments to ensure project success and adherence to goals.

Why choose us for Ruby Development?


16 Years of Ruby Development Experience

Complex Ruby projects we have developed from scratch

Results-oriented developers, team leaders and system architects

Developers consistently exceed expectations for exceptional outcomes

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1. What is Ruby on Rails (RoR), and why is it popular?

Ruby on Rails is a web application framework written in Ruby, known for its convention-over-configuration and rapid development capabilities. It’s popular for building scalable and maintainable web applications.

2. How is Ruby different from other programming languages?

Ruby is known for its clean and elegant syntax, emphasis on developer happiness, and dynamic typing. Its object-oriented nature and extensive ecosystem of gems set it apart.

3. What are Gems in Ruby, and how are they used?

Gems are Ruby libraries or packages that can be easily installed and managed using RubyGems. They enhance functionality, and developers can include them in their projects to save time and effort.

4. Can Ruby be used for purposes other than web development?

Yes, Ruby is a versatile language used for various purposes, including scripting, automation, and general-purpose programming. Its simplicity makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

5. How scalable is Ruby for enterprise-level projects?

Ruby, especially when used with the Ruby on Rails framework, is scalable and suitable for enterprise-level projects. It has been successfully employed by many large-scale applications.

6. What testing frameworks are commonly used in Ruby development?

RSpec and Minitest are popular testing frameworks in the Ruby ecosystem. They encourage best practices like test-driven development (TDD) and behavior-driven development (BDD).

7. Is Ruby suitable for building APIs?

Yes, Ruby, particularly with frameworks like Ruby on Rails, is well-suited for building robust and RESTful APIs. It provides tools and conventions for efficient API development.

8. How active is the Ruby community, and where can I find support?

The Ruby community is vibrant and active. You can find support on forums like Stack Overflow, GitHub, and various Ruby-related online communities. There are also numerous conferences and meetups.

9. What is the role of metaprogramming in Ruby?

Metaprogramming in Ruby allows developers to write code that can modify or extend itself during runtime. This feature is leveraged for creating elegant abstractions and powerful domain-specific languages.

10. How can I find skilled Ruby developers for my project?

Skilled Ruby developers can be found through various channels, including freelancing platforms, job boards, and by partnering with specialized development agencies that have expertise in Ruby development.

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