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We have helped our clients from various industies digitalize their businesses and empower them to compete in today’s fast-growing economy.
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BMI Alliances

It is a unique innovative approach to a business model that brings together alliances with different partners or communities. Users can join an innovative program that will help turn the original idea into an actual PoC.
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Lease Cars

It allows users to rent new cars through online leasing. This platform gives the buyer of a car an opportunity to safely compare different offers and order cars quickly and conveniently.
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Sport On Demand

Gym Mob app is aimed at providing users with automated gym reservations.
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Ad Trucks Management Tool

Ad Trucks Management Tool - enterprise planning CRM that allows users to manage roadshow marketing trucks. It also allows user to log into the system, request and book dates for roadshows.
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Fonsen Logistics

Fonsen Logistics is a company that provides services on warehousing, packing, delivery, and others. We created a platform where restaurant managers can see all the information about their orders and track them.
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