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We have helped our clients from various industies digitalize their businesses and empower them to compete in today’s fast-growing economy.
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Mobile Application Clode

The company helps Norwegian people be more selective in their choice of products to maintain their health while caring for the planet and future generations. The company's goal was to expand the audience and generate additional income.

Inokufu Education Search Chrome Extension

This Chrome extension helps users find the best learning objects on a specific topic. Learning Objects (LO) can be educational youtube videos, apps, books/ebooks, podcasts, MOOCs, websites, etc. Inokufu has built an extensive library of LO that can be accessed through an API.

BMI Alliances SaaS Platform

It is a unique innovative approach to a business model that brings together alliances with different partners or communities. Users can join an innovative program that will help turn the original idea into an actual PoC.
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Lease Cars: online leasing app

It allows users to rent new cars through online leasing. This platform gives the buyer of a car an opportunity to safely compare different offers and order cars quickly and conveniently.
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Mobile booking application Sport On Demand

Gym Mob app is aimed at providing users with automated gym reservations.
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