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We have helped our clients from various industies digitalize their businesses and empower them to compete in today’s fast-growing economy.
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My Daily Lifestyle

My Daily Lifestyle is a web extension enables adding health check data to a dossier and generates a comprehensive report that will be sent via email to the participant. This extension seeks to enhance the overall health check process by providing a streamlined and efficient way to record, analyze, and share health check data


Kapitalise is a web application designed to streamline and optimize the process of claiming Research & Development (R&D) tax credits for our clients, guided by experts. Our solution ensures a smooth and efficient pathway to accessing R&D tax credits, minimizing hassle and maximizing efficiency

Quiz app

Quiz App is an application for the execution of the survey among respondents through the accomplishment of the quiz in order to inquire about past, present, and future effects of sports performance on their health and emotional state. The app will be used by athletes during the whole sport season, and then the customer will gather all data and draw conclusions for this research

FIS Solution

FIS Solution revolutionizes loan management with our cutting-edge no-code SaaS solution, empowering lenders and businesses across diverse sectors. Maximize efficiency with streamlined processes, advanced analytics, and seamless automation, unlocking your full potential effortlessly.

Real Salary

Real Salary is an web app that involves extracting and refining salary data from diverse job sites. Users can gain access to salary information across the entire database by making a one-time payment.