ROI personal finance app

How we developed a mobile app that helps users earn money


Industry: Fintech
Location: Norway
Type of software: Personal Finance App
Scope of work: IT Consulting, Back-end, Front-end, UI/UX Design, Quality Assurance 
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ROI is a project of our existing client for whom we created another one financial platform – Defero.
Eigil, the Founder of Defero and ROI, is a real guru of financial management. And we’re passionate about technologies. This combo is the winning one.
That’s how we managed to create together such a great app as ROI – software that helps users manage their financial assets and generate passive income, analyse their current economy and precise ways to improve it.
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Technology ruby on rails

Ruby on Rails



Technology typescript








roi functionality


Overview page
Overview page allows User to navigate into 3 sections of the personal balance and fill down items that he possesses to see the report on his possible investment opportunities and to be able to see deeper analysis after purchasing the premium subscription in the app.
functionality overwiev page screenshots
Values input for Assets, Liabilities and Budget sections of the info
functionality Values input for Assets, Liabilities and Budget sections of the info​
Premium subscription page with integrated Stripe payment system
functionality Premium subscription page with integrated Stripe payment system​
Quick analysis page
Over time analysis page User is able to select parameters by which he wants to see changes over a number of years.
functionality Quick analysis page​
Over time analysis page
A User is able to select parameters by which he or she wants to see changes over a number of years.
functionality Over time analysis page​
Investment Calculator
A User is able to input loan details into fields and after clicking “Calculate” the system displays the result of “Yearly net cashflow from investment” in accordance with the formula.
functionality Investment calculator​


The app has a data analysis feature. It determines the amount of money that users will earn if they take money from sources that do not bring income and make a profitable investment. We successfully created this function, but the draft version of the code took 30 seconds to load. This was too slow, so we used the recursion method.
It made it possible to calculate all the data at the time of initialization of variables or their change and write them to the storage with subsequent use for calculating other forecasts. This way an app got a feature of analytical data forecast for the next 5-10-15-25 years that works as fast and efficiently as possible.
challange screenshot
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Project Team

ihor Project Manager / Business Analyst

Project Manager / Business Analyst

olena Account Manager

Account Manager

roman Lead Developer, System Architect

Lead Developer, System Architect

valerii Back-end Developer​

Back-end Developer​

oleksandr Back-end Developer​

Back-end Developer​

andrii Front-end Developer​

Front-end Developer​

yaroslav Front-end Developer​

Front-end Developer​

sergii QA Engineer​

QA Engineer​

myroslava UI / UX Designer​

UI / UX Designer​

Project Workflow

STAGE 1. Discovery

STAGE 2. Design & Prototyping

STAGE 3. Development


We have developed a progressive web application (PWA), with versions for Android and iOS, to meet all the requirements of the Play Market, App Store*, and the FinTech industry in general. The application has implemented the functionality of reporting on possible investment opportunities, as well as a feature to see a deeper analysis after the purchase of premium subscriptions in the application. The functionality is quite rich. It is possible to see the total amount of expenses that the user has filled in. Users can select the parameters by which they want to see changes over several years with the help of our innovative algorithm. Also, an advertising placement function has been implemented. And of course, the design shows what the spring is like on Jupiter and Mars:)
* this app was created before Apple released a restriction on uploading PWA (Progressive Web Applications) to AppStore. Meanwhile,PWA remains to be a solution for Web and Android platforms.

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