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How we created Electronic Health Record System with no analogues to optimize work of US clinics


Industry: Healthcare
Location: USA
Type of software: EHR
Scope of work: IT Consulting, Back-end, Front-end, UI/UX Design, Quality Assurance 
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H&P Builder is an Electronic Health Record System that allows users to compose, save, and share medical data (e.g. symptoms, appointments, etc.) sorted by certain criteria.
Web service is adapted to be used both by private medical practitioners, as well as hospitals.
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Technology ruby on rails

Ruby on Rails

Technology js



Postgres DB

Technology react


Technology css


Technology html


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Key features

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challenge Ensuring data safety​

Ensuring data safety

One of the essential requirements was to ensure data security and access to the web app. Currently, doctors usually use corporate computers, although everyone has their own access to the system. We’ve made it so that only 1 simultaneous session from 1 user is possible. In other words, if the user logs in with their credentials from another device, the previous session will automatically end.
challenge Ensuring a personalized user experience for each clinic​

Ensuring a personalized user experience for each clinic

The client wanted each hospital to perceive the app as a personal workstation, see its own logo and some of its own settings when visiting the login page. We have created a system of subdomains, where each hospital has its own link to the website. For example: somehospital.hpbuilder.org and anotherhospital.hpbuilder.
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Project Team

angelina Project Manager / Business Analyst​

Project Manager / Business Analyst

olexandra Bussines Development Manager

Bussines Development Manager

roman Lead Developer, System Architect

Lead Developer​

olexandr Front-end Developer​

Front-end Developer​

sergii QA Engineer​

QA Engineer​

oksana UI / UX Designer​

UI / UX Designer​

Project Workflow​

STAGE 1. Discovery

angelina Project Manager / Business Analyst​


Project Manager / Business Analylyst

Taking into account every detail is the real goal of the Discovery stage. Although the client had quite clear requirements for the project from the very beginning, we still had to do thorough research to consider the specifics of the American clinics. We coped with this task with the help of IT consulting. In addition, we also had to sort out the client’s requirements to ensure a clear understanding of tasks which were passed to designers and developers.

STAGE 2. Design & Prototyping

roman Lead Developer, System Architect


Lead Developer

When building an application architecture, you need to look far ahead. The right architecture saves a lot of effort, time, and money. A program with good architecture is easier to expand and change, as well as to test, debug and understand. Specifically in H&P Builder, all this had to be considered, keeping in mind the highest security requirements and top-notch convenience to the end user.

STAGE 3. Development

olexandr Front-end Developer​


Front-end Developer

Honestly, the main questions in programming are “how to make the software work smoothly?”, “how to make it consistent with business logic?.” While working on this project, I came across these questions and answered them successfully. For example, I had to make the application comply with the HIPAA standards. This is a rather meticulous work, because the slightest inconsistency and the application will not see the light of day. But everything worked out.
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We created a unique solition that allows clinics and doctors to significantly optimize their work.
The time saved by doctors can be spent on increasing the number of patients and the quality of their care. Moreover, this solution has no full-fledged analogues and therefore provides a significant competitive advantage.
A. Ilyasov Start-up Hospitalist Program Director at Southwest Medical Center quote

A. Ilyasov

Start-up Hospitalist Program Director at Southwest Medical Center

The app was developed within the arranged period of time. They had good communication, reasonably proactive.

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