Mobile Booking Application for Sport Facilities

About mobile application

Industry: Health&Wellness
Location: France
Type of software: Booking app
Scope of work: Back-end, Front-end, UI/UX Design, Quality Assurance
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GYMob app is aimed at providing users with automated gym reservations.
Our client has up to 10 facilities with sports equipment around the city. Obviously, it’s too hard to manage all these facilities manually, preserving high effectiveness and avoiding inaccuracy.

So his main goal was to minimize the routine management work of administrators and coaches, and make the reservation process fast and convenient. Now with the help of the app users can conduct all the necessary booking actions with several taps.
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Technology php


Technology laravel


Technology react native

React native



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Key features


Equipment reservation

During the Development process, the client requested additional requirements for the User and coach to reserve equipment attached to a specific POD. Our client saw the necessity for that feature during the process of interviewing coaches. They stated that they have a problem getting the necessary equipment needed for the exercise program created for their clients. The equipment reservation feature should allow each User to be sure to have needed equipment during his time in a POD.


We designed and got through the process of creating the best user experience and, as a result, we had several different flows for making equipment reservations and showing them. Then our back-end developer did a great job creating an architecture that can enable coaches to reserve equipment for invited clients and show those in the common reservation.
As a result, we have an easy-to-use solution that allows Users and coaches to reserve any equipment on each 30min time slot that they have reserved.

Project Team

eugen front-end developer

Front-end Developer​

Dmytro front-end developer

Front-end Developer​

Illya back-end developer

Back-end developer

anatoliy back-end developer

Back-end developer

yurii qa engineer

QA Engineer

oksana UI / UX Designer​

UX/UI Designer


UX/UI Designer


Since the app has only recently been released, it is very difficult to provide specific results. As for now, the client and users are testing the newly developed app and we’re open to the development of additional upgrades to provide the users with the best possible experience.

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