Greek Capital Management​

Fraternity / sorority management app


Industry: Fraternity / sorority management app
Location: USA
Type of software: CRM / SAAS platform
Scope of work: Back-end, Front-end, UI/UX Design
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Greek Capital Management is a platform for managing sororities and fraternities in different universities. The app helps Treasurers, Presidents and National Offices take care of financial about and chapter routines effectively.
Maintaining a chapter is a difficult, stressful, and time-consuming process. So our client’s main goal was to create a system that helps facilitate this process holding a sorority/fraternity together all on one easy-to-use platform.

Key features

key feature 1
Independent sorority/fraternity management rooms with the ability to access information about your project only.
key feature 2
Ability to pay dues, taxes, etc. automatically or enroll in a payment plan on the GCM mobile app or website.
key feature
Ability to store and analyze all the important data: documents, statistics, budget information, and so on.
key feature 4
Real-time notification system for paying dues or other required payments.
key feature 5
Internal messaging and mass mailing system to send emails or SMS to the members of your chapter.
key feature 6
Reimbursement system: the members upload receipts of what they’ve bought for your organization with their own money. Then, you pay them back on GCM with a few clicks.
key feature 7
Personnel tracking system: GCM collects and organizes data on who works in a chapter, who are the volunteers, vendors, etc.
key feature 8
Event management system: you can invite members to your events, keep track of who’s attending, have people prepay for the event, and so on.
key feature 9
Ability to change user’s profile structure according to particular needs of your chapter.
roman Lead Developer, System Architect


Lead developer

We created different roles for users with various levels of access. Each role has few differences from the other in the interface and navigation map, meanwhile, the most of functionality is common for all users. This is why it was especially important to correctly separate independent and reusable code components. We do it always, yes, but in this case, it was literally crucial.
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Technology ruby


Technology ruby on rails

Ruby on Rails

Technology react


Technology SIDEKIQ


Technology MySQL


Technology elastic search


Technology redis


Project team

angelina Project Manager / Business Analyst​

Project Manager

roman Lead Developer, System Architect

Lead developer

mykola Fiull-stack developer​

Full-stack developer

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As a result, we created a system that can take care of chapter management and make a leader’s life easy. Greek Capital Management can manage events and taxes; can be a “bad guy” who emails everyone about payment, and collect and process all the data about everything that happens in the fraternity/sorority. Each participant has their role and access to needed features, which results in the high usability of the application overall.
Todd Zusman CTO at Greek Life Finance Management quote

Todd Zusman

CTO at Greek Life Finance Management

They produce very high-quality code that rarely has any issues. They’re able to provide clean first versions of a solution, maximizing the amount of value I’m able to get from their work, whereas other vendors may require more iterations or redirection. Based on their track record over the last year, we’re able to hand over projects to them with a high level of confidence that they’ll be done well and in a timely manner.

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