A secure service for the formation and analysis of the users financial report


Industry: Fintech
Location: Norway
Type of software: A secure service for the formation and analysis of the users financial report
Scope of work: Back-end, Front-end, UI/UX Design
Defero is a secure service for the formation and analysis of the users financial report. It provides an opportunity to fulfill periodic monitoring, to obtain a statistical and objective assessment of their financial activities.

Key features


Technology laravel

Laravel 5.7

Technology php 7.21

PHP 7.2


Postgres DB

Technology redis

Redis 5

Technology vue.js

Vue 2.5+

Technology elastic search




Technology sass


Technology gitlab


defero mobile screenshot
defero desktop screenshot


key feature 1
The ability to receive financial activity report.​
key feature 2
A monthly update report based on statistical and objective assessment.​
key feature
Possibility for users after registering in the system to see their own Score, as well as the average Score in their place of residence and in Norway in general.​
key feature 4
The ability to view the dynamics of your Score during the selected period, as well as see your income and expense statistics.​
key feature 5
Secure two-step registration: users confirm their identity through authorization in the bankID system, after which they add their phone number and password in the system.​
key feature 6
The opportunity for users to accumulate Defero Points (DP) and use them for using various offers of site partners.​
key feature 7
The system of levels (gamification) of users which depends on various actions that they do on the site (for example, fill in all the fields, invite friends, follow the listed links).​

Business value

defero desktop screenshot
defero mobile screenshot


We have successfully completed the tasks set before us, and in the end we’ve got a full-fledged multi-functional application with the functionality listed above. In addition, there is a function of partner coupons and a personal cabinet. There is also a page where users get an explanation of what their Score means and how to raise it. Not only users can register, but also site partners who can create the above offers and coupons.

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