AdSplash System. Marketing web application

Marketing app that aggregates data from advertisement campaigns


Industry: Marketing & Advertising
Location: USA
Type of software: Web app
Scope of work: Back-end, Front-end, Prototyping
Our client was a digital marketing agency that promotes other people’s apps in different channels (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, AppStore, Snapchat, etc).
They have different types of clients – tech-savvy and also those who do not understand how it all works.
So their goal was to create a platform, where their clients can see the statistics on each marketing campaign created for their apps and also be able to pay the agency (our direct client) who is taking care of all the campaigns. This platform should make it easier to check the info on all the campaigns from all the channels in one place, so the users can just login into one place and see all the info at once.
AdSplash System screenshots


Technology react native


technology next js


Technology typescript


technology material UI

Redis 5

technology formik


technology rest api

Rest API

Technology nestjs



Postgres DB

AdSplash System screenshots

Key features

AdSplash System screenshots
AdSplash System screenshots


3 different roles

Create 3 different roles within the system to provide proper access to the functionalities of the app for each role and not to overload the system with repeating features.


We have designed high-fidelity prototypes to recreate the exact flow through the system for each user role, conducted a critical analysis on it, and tested it with various types of users before approving the final version. So we simplified the screens as much as possible, keeping them functional and containing all the needed info for each user role at the same time.

5 marketing platforms

Integrate 5 different marketing platforms in the app to get the needed metrics from each one and display those in a unified way.


We have investigated each platform thoroughly to make sure we can get all the data we need and then created a unified template both on BE (to receive the needed data) and on FE (to present it in the most understandable and clear way), so the metrics from each platform can be displayed in the same view and be easily perceived by any user.

Project Team

roman Lead Developer, System Architect

Lead developer

Maksym back-end developer

Back-end developer

Georgii back-end developer

Back-end developer

Oleksandr Fullstack developer

Fullstack developer


Front-end Developer​


Project Manager/
Business Analyst

AdSplash System screenshots
AdSplash System screenshots


We succeeded to release the MVP of the project and move to beta testing with the real client data. So far there are more than 20 clients connected to the platform who can see metrics from 5 marketing platforms combined in our app. Each of the clients already has a chance to enjoy the benefits the app provides.

These include: simple, but intuitive UX, an easy way to reach the needed metrics in one place, and not so complicated, but very useful functionality of the inner Wallet which makes the regular payment process quick and transparent. Currently, we continue to extend the product and move forward to releasing it to a much bigger audience soon.

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