About us

We combined an engineering team serving clients from 2007 and a management team with 25+ years in IT who helped Fortune 500 companies create better IT solutions.

Delivering results. Efficiently and effectively.​​

Our guiding principles are trust, quality, and reliability. We strive to create partnerships with our clients to provide long-term help with digital challenges.





Down to earth

Creating pragmatic solutions that make business processes effective. Concentrating on what matters: more delivery, less buzzwords.


Being disciplined and focused only on what we do really well. We will tell you if we cannot do it.


An agile, client-centric approach without compromising quality. We are keen to go the extra mile and tailor our approach.


We care about the goals of your project and ways to achieve them. We don't just implement what is asked.


Every client receives a long-term partnership approach. We go all out to evolve together continuously. 

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Our clients' location


London, UK

  • Sales and support
  • Servicing UK-based clients


Riga, Latvia

  • Thriving IT ecosystem
  • HQ based in EU location
  • Development centre

Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine

  • 50+ engineering team members
  • Main contracted development centre
  • Serving clients from 2007

Our Contracted Development Centre

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We are delivering results. Efficiently and effectively.